BowTiedBull FAQ - Will Be Updated Over Time

Level 1 - Definitely NGMI

Welcome Avatar! Comments are closed for this one. After a long Q&A, we recognize that many of you are *new* to BowTiedBull. It means you’re not familiar with the history of this decade long “overnight” success. So. Below is a FAQ of sorts so the newbies can avoid asking redundant questions. It will be updated and linked to the About page as well.

One Sentence Background: Decade of writing, prior experience with Technology Investment Banking, Affiliate Marketing and E-Commerce which led us down the software crypto currency ecosystem back in 2012-2014.

Tone/Writing Style: This website is not meant for soft people. The best way we can describe it is as follows “Better to be punched in the face with the Truth than kissed with a Lie”. Once you enter the real world (career/job/business) you learn that people tell you nonsense all the time to make you “feel” good. They try to trick you into believing you’re well paid, being treated equally etc. It is a lie.

On this side of the web if we have a straight forward answer it is given with zero fluffy language. Similarly. If we screw up with our predictions we’re first to admit it (see our old tweets/content for proof of that - hint our MMA bets were no bueno so we gave up on those!). We do our best and try to shoot 70-80%. Also. The world is changing fast, so winners prefer to the point communication to move on quickly.

Direct communication leads to a lot of “No, bad idea” responses because 9/10 ideas don’t work. When you get a “yes good idea” it means run as fast as possible. This is a good rule of thumb (get used to failing a lot, it’s the only way to win).

Winners like direct communication because it saves valuable time. Time > Money every day of the week.

As an additional note, many of you will become (or already are) richer than us. We’re thrilled for you. We believe in Equal *Opportunity* Unequal *Results*.

This is the fairest system we can think of. And. If you have anything legitimate we can help with, we will help. “Win and help Win” is a phrase from Balajis that represents the belief system here. If all of your friends are winners, you will win by default. If someone is negative, we simply cut them off and move on. Winners may be a bit direct/unemotional. However. That is *a lot* better than the people who smile behind your back when you fail along the path to success.

The Master Plan: The big picture plan is as follows: 1) you are underpaid at your job/career. Why do we know? No one hires someone who is unprofitable otherwise they would go out of business. So. Step 1: is knowing that you can always do better and are currently underpaid; Step Two: is a second income stream. No excuses. There are blue collar workers who follow our website that created online income streams related to their work (car repair, home repair, gardening etc.) that generate multiple 6-figures online. Staying honest here most went into affiliate marketing/copy writing and come from Wall Street backgrounds as that is how we did it (Tech banking, Affiliate/marketing/e-commerce); Step Three: you do this by building it up while you’re not working. If you have “rules” to follow you simply start a business under the name of a family member. If you cannot trust a single person to simply put something under their name you can find someone and pay them to do it; Step Four: while investing is cool, you *MUST HAVE* laser focus on two income streams first. If you have two of them, investing becomes more important. An income stream is defined as anything that pays living expenses – Rent, food, drinks & utilities and Step 5: once you have a business up and running, you *can* quit *if you want* when it is generating 2x more than you make at your current job/career.

To emphasize the no excuses part, there is a bottomless pit of opportunity for copywriting/affiliate marketing that costs practically nothing to start (we’ll update on low cost ideas to execute as we find them). No wasted questions about “other ideas” as this is the big picture master plan.

The BowTiedJungle! We own a website called which will slowly host all the valuable content creators. We believe in decentralization and Equal Opportunity, Unequal Results. This *also* means we are more than happy to help you win *IF* you have a real skill.

Naturally, we would not support someone directly competing with our core content which is Investing/crypto/e-commerce but everything else in the world is fair game. We’re not going to shoot ourselves in the foot especially since we use a good chunk of proceeds to *give back straight to the jungle!* through our weekly Troll Tuesday events!

Fun/Life Balance and Troll Tuesday

If you spend too much time making money and nothing else, you end up developing a strange personality. Luckily for long-time readers you can tell by our music choice, typing style etc… that we grew up pretty poor. The image below has been on display in real life for a decade. It is a competitive advantage to start from nothing as the first $100 you make or first $50 you make *feels* like a lot of money. If you grew up rich the first $100 *feels* like you’ve accomplished nothing.

There is no point in being worth $50M US Token with a huge belly, heart attack risk and unattractive significant other. There is no point at all. You want to be in good physical shape (ideally great), with a partner that is attractive to you.

As we ramp up here you’ll see us dedicate a full day per week to having fun. Hint, April 27 was a Tuesday (LINK For more Detail on the Troll). Why did we choose Tuesday? Troll Tuesdays! Various giveaways and various items shipped out for fun.

No need to take life so seriously, we only get one shot at this thing anyway. No one likes boring people.

Troll Tuesday Explained: Every Tuesday the team will take the day off to simply troll and have fun. The team is free to work if they wish. And. We recommend taking the entire day off to troll. We’ll hold competitions from time to time (best meme, best video, etc.) and pay the audience if they win (first, second, third place for example). Clownhattan was completed on a Tuesday by design and we’ll stick with the theme going forward!

Paid Subs Q&A: Now that the DeFi substack is out (LINK) here is how it works. If you’re a Paid sub you can ask questions *RELATED* to the post. This makes each post more valuable as we can follow up and avoid clutter in the comments. At the end of the month we will also host a *BROAD* Q&A where the first 50-100 questions can be anything you want if there is something burning. This should 1) make each post better and 2) allow you to ask personal questions in a separate post to avoid clutter in the comments.

If You have “What Should I Do” Type questions here is a guideline: Risk Management: What Would You Do In My Situation? - by BowTied Bull - BowTied Bull (

Colleges/Debt etc.: Most of the University system is a scam (LINK). If you go to a Top 10 university or a Top 20 university the textbooks/materials are basically the same.  You know it is a scam because the Business School are quite literally the same as the Undergraduate textbooks. Either way, the game is the game.

What you want to do is focus on getting into the best college you can while taking on next to no debt. Do not take on large amounts of debt as the math isn’t worth it. Also. We don’t even think it is necessary to go to college anymore. However. The strategy in this paragraph helps decrease risk without incurring a lot of damage.

You can work part time jobs or start your own internet business in your dorm room. If you struggle, well you got a degree from a good school and can start a career/job that pays the bills.

Job, Career, Business: Job: This is something that pays by the hour, no performance fees. You are trading your time for money by working for say $10/hour or $100/hour. Freelance work is similar to this as it is project based. However. Freelance work is a bit better as you can typically convert it to a business later on.

Career: This is something that pays you based on performance. Such as enterprise sales. If you sell more products you get more fees. You are not paid by the hour. Technology, M&A investment banking and Sales are clear examples of Careers most of the time (although banks are going to zero long-term). These are the only three careers we recommend none of the other ones we would recommend due to compensation. Autist note: Private Equity is basically the same as M&A as you’re involved in deal making/fixing a company which will be around and Hedge Funds do make money, we’d argue that the stress and constant email barrage will make it too hard to start a side business at the same time. Banking/Private Equity has a ton of “down time” staring at a computer screen that can be used to build a side income unless you’re at a sweatshop.

Business: This is something that can be scaled *and* makes money while you sleep. We focus on internet businesses because that makes money while you sleep unlike a retail store which only makes money during hours of operations. If you make a business that does 2x your career/job, you probably have to quit. Why? You’re losing money by wasting time at your career/job.

Corporate Politics and Getting Into It (LINK)

If you’re young, you believe performance is everything. It is not. Major corporations are primarily run by talentless people who were born into the right families with the right connections. This means the odds are stacked against you on day one.

The good news? You can game the system.

You game the system by being a “great” performer but never perfect. In investment banking, you want to be “top bucket” but never number one. Why? All of you get paid about the same amount of money.

The person who is ranked #1 gets 10-15 hours of extra work. You *need* the time to go and start an internet business. If you’re ranked #1 you are doing it wrong. Do not tell anyone that you’re working at 70% capacity. You want to smile, nod and agree 24/7/365.

Prestige is a Scam: Corporations know that having Google/Goldman/etc. on the resume gives you better opportunities. This means they pay you even *less* than you are worth. Remember this.

If you believe in yourself and your skills long-term, always choose the better money/time equation. Better to work at a mid-tier software company making $150K a year with 40 hours a week than work for a major firm like Amazon and work 80 hours per week for $200K. It isn’t even close. No business? No substantial gains for you long-term.

Crypto Basics (LINK for more Details)

The about section has the simple acronyms. Here is the summary: 1) you must hold the keys to your crypto in cold storage hardware at minimum – turbo autists would run their own nodes, 2) if you use a centralized exchange like Coinbase you want to take all your coins off the exchange and move it to cold storage, 3) Over the Counter (OTC) is the best way to acquire crypto and that requires *YOU* to personally dig and look for good contacts… no hand holding on that one, 4) you must pay taxes on all crypto gains and losses – talk to a professional accountant, there are jurisdictions that have minimal taxes and 5) you must learn DeFi over the next 1-2 years, we have hired a full team – yes it is that serious of an innovation.

Financial Independence

This number is different for all of you. It could be as low as a few thousand US Tokens per month (living in Thailand) and it could be as high as tens of thousands of US tokens per month. What Financial Independence means? You no longer have to work and can eat, sleep, drink, travel once and a while, pay all utilities etc off of *investment income*. If it costs you $5,000 US token to live a comfortable life every month, this means your investment income needs to generate over $60,000 US Token per year.

As an important note, the $5,000 US token per month does not include 1) income from a business, 2) 401K numbers or 3) any time for money exchange. It is based purely on income streams such as rental properties, dividends, bond coupons etc.

Why Anon? No Ego.

We’re here to prove a point. If you are famous you’re not actually free. If you are worth $100M US token but are scared to talk to someone for your “image” it means you’re controlled by your ego. You’re not really free. You suffer from a different type of slavery.

Now. We realize there are exceptions. Impossible to be under the radar if you’re a professional athlete or actor. But. These are exceptions to the rule. You want to be rich not famous.

All of our hires (if you’re talented we may even hire you, yes seriously) will be anonymous cartoon animals on Twitter. We have already picked up quite a few of them and you haven’t seen them just yet!

In the future, if we create a fair system with Equal *Opportunity* Unequal *Results*… you can be an avatar, a person or an animal… It will not matter. That is the vision of this community. Equal Opportunity Unequal Results.

2035 DeGen Island

No we’re not kidding. In 2035 you will likely meet us. However. It will be on DeGen Island. Unless the world accelerates at a faster rate, then it might happen earlier! But. We’re confident it will occur by 2035 at minimum.

DeGen Island is a concept based on elite humans being relatively honest. Sure. We will get screwed here and there working with anons. And. In the end we will win. DeGen island will recruit the best and the brightest to build a *fair* community/ecosystem.

In fact, there are many of you who are way richer than us (and will always be richer than us) and we don’t have a single drop of jealousy. You deserved it. If a 60 year old business man found this site and realized the predictions were correct, that man/woman is a genius. Deserves every single satoshi/gwei. In fact we’d love to hear more comments from successful people as that makes the community stronger and better as we work our way towards DeGen Island 2035.

Trading vs. Investing

There are *tons* of scams out there. We are long-term investors. We do not trade. In our world, you want to try and outperform Bitcoin since it has won the store of value game. This is *extremely* difficult but that’s the plan/attempt. If we think market volatility is about to increase or things are overheated, we will weight heavier to BTC as we do more research. (paid subscribers can see all our positions over time)

Trading is for scammers. If you want proof look at all the traders that suddenly disappeared in the middle of 2020. Why? All their terrible ideas and tactics blew up when institutional money came in. The price of BTC soared and their models didn’t encapsulate institutional demand. The HODL’ers won. (yes we realize there is some tiny percent that can trade, we’re not going to encourage that behavior though - you should be too busy earning an income online/with a career to have time to trade)

Also. We are not perfect. Being from 2035 is a competitive advantage but no one shoots 100%. We support *real* projects that are new. Why? In order to win you have to support new ideas and concepts. Most don’t get it.

If you only own BTC/ETH and nothing else, you’re not doing your part to help build a broad infrastructure. While we *agree* that BTC/ETH is the best first investment, please do not become a single coin maximalist. Keep an open mind as opportunities are boundless in the new web 3.0 world.

We hold ourselves to a *high* standard. We do not include pair returns (yields). We don’t even include gains when we mention a small cap (we mark to market at end of month to keep it 100% honest). When you see everything on the website, realize that all the returns *do not* include any yield farming (wallet tracing). And. They *do not* include correct pricing as we price it *after* the initial move up if people ape into something. (Don’t ape calculate is our saying… people won’t listen though. And. If we have a positive opinion on something it is usually undervalued so the price increasing *does make logical sense*)


Our opinion is you always start from scratch. Flipping websites is dangerous if you have zero experience. Once you have experience it is pretty easy to flip websites. You find websites with a *clear* issue you can solve. You buy it and flip it based on your hard earned experience.

To avoid excuses/not taking action: the first step is learn copywriting. Sales is never a skill that is a “bad investment”. 90% attempt, 10% learn. Here are some basic guides on learning how to sell and after that step 1 is go become an affiliate/sell someone else’s product: "How To Write A Good Advertisement" - Victor O Schwab; “The Copywriter's Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells” - Robert W. Bly; "Break-Through Advertising" - Eugene M. Schwartz; “Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content” - Ann Handley; “Copywriting: Successful Writing for Design, Advertising and Marketing” - by Mark Shaw


If you’re actually rich, you do not need leverage. Therefore. We do not use any leverage. Leverage can result in sudden total loss. This isn’t worth the risk for us. You’re free to do whatever you like but we don’t believe in leverage. Leverage just means you need more income streams to buy a larger amount of coins.

Anyone Reading this Can “Make It”

This isn’t a BS Tony Robbins seminar where we sell feel good nonsense and walk over hot coals with other aging middle aged failures. The reality!

Anyone can make it because most people are *too* lazy. We’ve seen some insane success stories. People who were in jail that had no options. They made online businesses that clear 6 figures in US Token after copying our strategies on affiliate marketing. The problem? Those guys worked for years and years toiling day and night to find their niche. Now? They print money in their sleep.

Majority *won’t* make it. Is this contradictory? No. Most people will give up. It is not easy to fail for weeks, months or even years and *not* give up. It is not easy so most quit. Those that do… end up getting what they deserve… diamonds.

Start Small If Needed

While we are against time for money exchanges we realize some people need to build confidence. So try and start an online business that does trade time for money. This could be projects for web design. It could be some sort of consulting service etc.

This is put last as we think it’s better to just go straight for performance. However. Some people really just don’t have a lot of confidence. Once you see that its possible to make $1K a month with additional time for money exchange you’ll start to see that the opportunities really are endless.

Simple Financials

We’re negative on debt so our thought process is as follows if you’re trying to start investing: 1) 3-6 months of living expense first no matter what you never dip into this, 2) no debt unless you’re a real estate investor or are forced to do something that really really requires it - hint internet businesses are better since they are cheaper and have higher margins and 3) after that we would start with crypto/stocks as first initial investment vehicle.