Emergency Troll Tuesday Poast - Clown Owners

Level 3 - Virgin Defi Analyst

Welcome Avatar!

We come to you with yet another message. If it is meant for all… you know this is beyond the importance of market timing and moves into issues of personal health and safety.

Within the project titled “The Hashmasks” there is in fact a hidden message. If you place all of the masks correctly you acquire a secret code that unlocks a password for valuable tokens. There is a catch however. Since we live in a Clown world the work is not comparable to simply HODL’ing your clowns. 

You see. The history of Hashmarks is filled with riddles. We received information that one of the artists is in fact high profile and currently commands US Token values in the millions. They spent years and years toiling away in a dungeon to put together this massive project after all. 

The catch? By the time the prize is found the floor of Clowns has risen to unchartered territories. In fact, after spending years to put together the entire project the most coveted item is still… a Clown. The first world wide global troll is not only successful but is considered the Picasso of the NFT era. (Autists have no emotions and therefore sell button is disabled)

After years of dedication to the project, in a twist of fate the “Clown-Cap” or “Clown Market Cap” exceeds the value of many food and beverage companies (Eight Figure ETH capitalization by 2035 calculations).

Food and beverage you say? Yes. Owners of Clown masks are considered the original Kings of the Citadel (DeGen Island 2035, established 2/2/2022). You do not need to part with crypto assets for food and beverage. 

The lesson? At this point, you should know you are currently living through the great transition. All hard work and effort is laughed at. Hard work is a relic of the past. An artifact of peabrain ant level intelligence.

The current world favors Trolls, Memes and Autistic HODL capabilities. The individuals who sold their original clown masks inevitably end up in an insane asylum with recent Harvard University Graduates (unsurprisingly also a Clown). 

But How? Ah yes. We do not need any US Trash tokens. Nor do we need any efferiums or bitcorns.

What do we need? We need creativity and trolling which is certainly the message. We have some suggestions for you (we’ve been waiting for max capacity).

Please see below:

1) We are asking you to help troll the Clown Bank you own. Perhaps linked in, perhaps below their Twitter feeds, perhaps in front of their buildings where you offer to remit money for smaller amounts when compared to insane $25 TXN fees (vs. $0.50 fees in BTC).

2) Another suggestion is to send in a resume to prestigious investment banks and ask them to politely open up the PDF only to see… their clown

3) Another suggestion is to call HR and ask why they identify as a clown…

We could go on, but there is no need. You know what it at stake here. Maximum pain and loss of prestige is the goal.

You know it will work if you try, so we’ll be waiting for you.

We’d cry tears of joy after the troll. But we can’t feel. For that we say thank you and let them know… BANKS ARE ZEROS.

Disclaimer: None of this is to be deemed legal or financial advice of any kind. These are *opinions* written by an anonymous group of Ex-Wall Street Tech Bankers who moved into affiliate marketing and e-commerce. May or may not have microdosed LSD prior to this poast.