Mainstream Culture is Designed to Encourage Weakness

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Welcome Avatar! We’re taking a pause from the money printer and people buying holiday gifts. Instead, we’re going to focus on the culture that mainstream media is attempting to create.

In a word it is weakness. Effectively, the goal is to drag down high performers by calling them “intense”, they say “calm down”, “don’t work so hard” and “you’re just so angry bro”. Why? Their lives are horrific and they are trying to drag you down into their world of misery. Misery loves company. Another person to complain to.

Part 1: Society Structure - Content/Media

At this point we’ve gone full insane. We have articles claiming that “inflation is good” and we have articles claiming that gas prices are due to “murderous maniac” and that we need to be “More Like Europe”

Source: The Intercept, Bloomberg Opinion and MSNBC for the final article.

Now from the above we can tell that the mainstream media is doing everything it can to “calm the masses”. They know that prices are going up rapidly with food/shelter/utilities/gas etc. You can’t claim 6% when people go from scraping by to going into debt. It just doesn’t work. Therefore, if you’re reading this website you will probably agree that the mainstream media is not there to tell you the truth. Said another way, if they have to make extreme excuses and even *admit* that inflation is worse than expected… it is really, really, really bad.

Push This Concept Forward: While the above is the clearest example of the fake news, we should now ask “what else are they trying to convince us”. There are some insane examples but one we gave out on twitter is the porn industry and Disney fairy tales.

Both men and women are taught extreme unrealistic versions of life. While a billionaire could pay to have millions of women at his feet, anyone below the 1% now “believes” they can do it too. Unrealistic as they don’t have any significant value.

Similarly, the average woman believes she’ll meet her prince charming. A guy who will do everything she says and live a “perfect life”. Once again. Unless the girl is maxim model good looking with a high income, the chances of attaining this ideal is non-existent. Unrealistic for the average female once again.

Notice, we’re saying both sides (men and women) are taught through mainstream media to believe in insane unattainable ideals. The average woman is not going to live her perfect Ken husband/50 shades of grey set up. The average guy is certainly not going to have attractive women anywhere near him (women are repulsed by low/middle status).

Why is This Being Done? This narrative is being pushed on both sides as an attempt to make you weaker. Once again, that is the theme here. If you create unrealistic ideals for everyone, they become disgruntled unhappy and negative. This leads to more unhappiness and frustration which leads to more and more weakness. You become more and more frustrated and disgruntled. Every single day.

Move Onto Popular Sitcoms: People have heard of Friends. This was a popular Sitcom surrounding a bunch of people who are always, always, always, around each other. The reality? Ultra successful people do not operate like this. Ultra successful people are *busy*. They have better things to do vs. drinking coffee and begging to hook up with Jennifer Aniston.

The reality is that successful people usually have softer touch relationships. They have a handful of close contacts that unlikely live near them. You might live in NYC and the guy you trust the most lives in Los Angeles.

Why is This Being Done? Once again, the same. To make you weaker. The goal is to make you co-dependent on your surroundings. This makes it *harder* for you to move up in society. If you can’t leave your immediate social circle how do you expect to grow? It doesn’t make sense. Since you will end up being the average of the group you hang out in… it’s wise to make sure that group has massive potential first.

Action Movies and Evil Rich People: This is another fun one. While there *are* evil rich people in the real world, you have to ask yourself… Why is the villain always *rich*. The reason is pretty simple. The media tries to program you into believing that “money is the root of all evil”. They try to teach you that if you “become rich” you are now a bad person.

General action plot: 1) evil all mighty powerful guy has all the wealth, 2) he is abusive and 3) an “underdog” comes up to save the day. Average people love the underdog because he’s the one they associate themselves with (since they are always the underdog and don’t know what it means to be elite).

Rich Evil Villain Here to Steal Your Computer Coins - Wikipedia Source

See This Live as Well: Take for example Tesla (always a sore point for the bears). However. It is still the best example. Here you have a guy creating self landing rockets and working towards renewable products (electric cars, solar panels etc.). Due to his immense success they are now *turning* on him.

Telling him he is “too rich” and that $6B US Token would solve world hunger. Of course it wouldn’t but that’s the narrative. Unfortunately, he’s too sharp for them and is willing to market sell stock to prove socialism and communism is evil relative to capitalism (yes capitalism has problems but it’s still the better of the three systems)

Why is This Being Done? You would think that wealth creation should be encouraged. The problem is once again the same. A small number of people have the skills and talent to create real wealth so the best way to keep the masses “happy” is by telling them that rich people are evil. This makes logical sense. If people knew that rich people were not only rich but extremely happy and healthy… the jealousy would go into overdrive. People do not like seeing other people succeed.

For those that do not believe the last sentence, reach out to one *extremely* successful person you know. If they are honest with you they will tell you the same thing. When they made it people were not happy for them and they were hit up for “$100K a year jobs because it is nothing to you bro”. In short, making rich people appear evil makes you mentally weaker. Another psychological barrier to jump over as people claim you “become a bad person” as soon as you have $X million or $X thousand per year.

Part 1 Conclusion: We have several clear examples: 1) inflation is good, 2) fantasy relationships that assume the person is the top 1%, 3) sitcoms suggesting the perfect life is seeing the same people everyday for coffee and 4) making it seem like rich people are evil though cinema.

As you can see, the same theme persists. Anything to make you believe it is “okay” to be mediocre. That is the exact opposite of the tone/goal of this side of the web. For that reason there is no chance it goes mainstream. People would much rather have their egos/feelings stroked vs. concrete actions steps to improve their lives.

Part 2: Fitting In as a “Social Goal”

“Don’t be weird try to fit in”. This is something that people aspire to. The problem is once again the same. How do you expect to live the life of your dreams without being extreme? It isn’t possible. The only way to live an extreme life is to drive extreme results with insane amounts of effort.

Historical Context: Back 100 years ago, if you didn’t fit into a “tribe” you could be ostracized and die. This is something that is evolutionary and fortunately we’re now entering into the *opposite* era. You can now become more powerful than an entire village by yourself through the use of technology.

Future Context: The new era: If you “fit in” you are now replaceable. Read that short sentence at least 15-20 times if you have to. The future is sovereign individuals who are not replicable. If the current “value addition” is simply being a middle man or copying others, you will go to zero suddenly similar to the life of a Turkey. It works for a while until it doesn’t.

Concept from Nicholas Nassim Taleb - Chart from this source.

Understanding the “Why”: If we can push a narrative to make people scared to stand out, they are easier to control. Get a large enough faction of the population to be “woke” and you can get them to focus on the most meaningless of issues in our society. Example.

If people are too busy fighting meaningless battles like X chromosomes and Y chromosomes, they can mis-direct the masses. No one with a shred of intelligence can believe that X and Y chromosome arguments are a good use of government funds. It is purely out there to give people something to argue over.

Peel a Page out of the Dying: For the past decade we’ve suggested people work in terminal illness health (voluntary or paid). You will learn a lot. The one item you do hear all the time is this “I wish I stopped living my life based on what others wanted”

You should take these words seriously. Imagine living 75-100 years and in the end realizing you were not living the life *you* actually wanted to live. If you die knowing that you spent the majority of the time doing things you didn’t enjoy… that’s a big problem.

Conclusion: By getting you to fit in, you are much weaker. Once again, if media convinces you to fit in, you end up floating along and living an “average” life just like everyone else. You don’t want to know what that looks like over 80 years because it ain’t pretty.

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Good. We don’t plan on living according to the lives of the media.

Disclaimer: None of this is to be deemed legal or financial advice of any kind. These are *opinions* written by an anonymous group of Ex-Wall Street Tech Bankers who moved into affiliate marketing and e-commerce.

Daily Reminder: You ARE EARLY. Too much negativity/cope. Everyone reading this is extremely early. If you stay on top of technology, there is always a new opportunity.