Great article. Thanks Bull. BowTied Tax wrote an article a few weeks back on tax loss harvesting strategy focused on crypto, for anyone interested.


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Both cramer and elon appeal to the masses. By default they have zero alpha in this zero sum game of markets because everyone follows them.

Also conventional wisdom is almost always wrong.

Individuals can search for truth. Big group of people search for consensus.

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I can relate to the youth comment. Grew up in Eastern Europe with people who were used to corruption in ever facet of society. Nobody is trying to fix the system, but it’s not because people are fat and lazy. It’s because it’s been that way for hundreds of years.

My feeling is that we were better at hiding it in the West, meaning most people weren’t confronted with it. Now with everyone being online, it’s hard to not realize that everyone just acts in self-interest.

A friend of mine from that area has made it a mission to never pay income tax. He’s one of the most successful guys I know and of course he has started multiple companies.

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Articles like this bring me back into WSP days.

Amazing content right here.

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“No repercussions for Colleges to offer sloppy education with no performance criteria (job placement).”

They’re the Bernie Madoff of learning. People that spend 20 years in school scam the next generation that its valuable and critical to get ahead.

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Damn. That precursor brings me back. Started reading this in high school when I found out about the original site from Wall Street Oasis. Now that I’m joining workforce I still wish you’d clarify why you chose going out Thursday over Friday. Wont a late night hinder performance at work on Friday?

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Being 25 this sucks ass seeing the garbage society take shape. Luckily I built out my pet water fountain website in the Summer, just waiting on my inventory to arrive to start going harder on marketing all the while working a crap job to kill the time and save. Looking to get Tech related certificates soon so I can get a comfy Tech WFH and accumulate while cryptos dead sideways. Other than that I'm doing all I can feasibly with limited time. I don't want to eat the bugs in 2030!

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"New American Youth Summarized: Instead of trying to fix or change the system they prefer to find a way to scam it." This pretty much summaries the mindset of international students that come to western countries. They typically know the legal loopholes better than 99% citizens born to those countries.

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If you sold high costs basis stuff to cover your tax bill back in April, and are now sitting on huge realized losses for 2022 already, is there any more to think about than carrying them forward?

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Hi there,

Thank you for this article on tax loss harvesting - very insightful. I have two major questions on that topic:

1. Could this community recommend a good accountant CPA/ familiar with the major tax software for crypto?

2. Which software have this community being using? I assume most of the audience leverage Ledger at this point? So software needs to be aligning with Ledger advanced logs.

Any NYC-based accountant to recommend?

Thank you!

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